Monday, December 24, 2007

Finished Madonna

The finished Madonna True Blue piece for the "Let's Bolt, Again" show at Rock Paper Scissors Gallery in Oakland, CA.
As you can see, if you keep scrolling down, the process that it took to get her to this. I am very, very happy with the result!
It shipped today so that they can have it to hang by Friday. I am still terribly sad that I won't be able to make it up to the show. The gallery sounds awesome and the show should be fun!

From the side.

Then the other.

Half way there.

Purple/Orange Madonna

Blue Madonna

Thursday, December 6, 2007

True Blue

These are some beginning sketches of a piece I am painting for a show in Oakland, CA at Rock Paper Scissors Gallery on Jan. 4th.

This is the one I will work from and I am going to try to get it as paintly as possible when painting. I am not sure yet if I will paint it in acrylic or oil.

While I was tracing the outline to be transfered onto the wooden box I am painting the final piece on, I need a light colored surface under my tracing paper to see the outline better. This scrap of test paint paper with written out random thoughts was laying on my drawing table, her outline was transfer onto it. I decided to take it a bit further and ink it in with a blue rolling ball pilot pen. I really liked the effect...sometimes magic happens when you are not even trying.
I also love that it is blue and so is the writing...strangely coincidental because I did this weeks before working on this TRUE BLUE piece.

When I first thought of this idea I remembered a painting I did in high school of this image of Madonna's True Blue album cover. This was a quick sketch from the recall but realized when I looked up the image it looked nothing like this.
I will post the final piece sometime in the next week, it is due on the 15th.

Monday, December 3, 2007

IF: Excess

Inspired by P.J. Harvey.
Songs from the City ~ Songs from the Sea
Lyrics from "We Float"

When seeing the topic for the week...this song kept playing on repeat in my head when brainstorming excess. I didn't want to do something cliche' or obvious this week and I have always wanted to draw P.J. Harvey. So here ya go ~~

I thought I would add this photo because it's a nice view of my current workspace, in my additional ~ why do I have a second kitchen ~ kitchen, acting as a temporary studio.