Saturday, March 22, 2008

The beginnings of 'Flatso'

More monsters...

This is the beginning of Flatso ~~~

He is flat and can come out from behind a chest of drawers or lie under the rug or even behind a poster tacked on the wall. I first think of him rectanglelor but then again maybe he's as flat as a pancake and purple in color. He is the first monster from the pages of "What Kind of Monster?" that I am going to explore...I think I got most of my just to doodle monsters out of my system.

P.S. With that mustache he kinda looks like he's in a mariachi band...maybe his body or hands need to be the shape of a mariachi guitar???

Monday, March 17, 2008

Just Another Day in North Park

This piece was created for an upcoming show at Bluefoot Lounge in San Diego's North Park, on Thursday April 10th. It's a collage of items I randomly and not~so randomly came across through my daily jaunts through my neighborhood of North Park.

Frightening doodles

More monsters from my sketchbook. I have been doing other projects and attending my high school reunion in the last few weeks. So I am now back on track with the monster scribbles again.

Rhino monster shark on wheels...what?

Something frightening after a few beers with my's his "Fu Man Chu" coming out of the other dudes forehead.

A parade of cute monsters.

Some character development of the main kid character of the book.

Ummm...cause green doodle birds are funny.

The last two were drawn in green in honor of St. Patty's Day.