Friday, April 25, 2008

Dr. Sketchy SD April Session (the kill poses)

Beginning with this series of Dr. S's April sketches you will need to start at the (quick pose) and from the bottom work your way up. In order to see how awesome these models where in reenacting Jack the Ripper's kill for the night. I know I show you the most macabre sketches when you first open my blog ~ it was in hopes of catching your attention long enough to scroll through all of them.

Dr. Sketchy SD April Session (10 minute pose)

Dr. Sketchy SD April Session (quick pose)

Monday, April 21, 2008

pancho villa ~ BABY!!

I work at a restaurant/bar in Alpine, California which is a suburb of San Diego ~ about 25 miles east of downtown SD. This Spring we launched theme parties once a month on Saturday nights (starting off with Nicole's 80s hair-band birthday party and my pirate hooker birthday party).

May's theme party is a Pancho Villa Mustache party coinciding with Cinco de Mayo. Since I'm the artist of the group it is my duty to make the flyer. I did it all out of cut paper, white charcoal pencil and ink.

Friday, April 4, 2008


So I just had a birthday...with that included a theme birthday party this year. I went with pirates ~ cause everyone wants to be a pirate right?? After that crazy night of swashbuckling turned out some really great pictures. I love this one of my friend Keira a.k.a. Kiki. So much so I had to draw it and now it's in it's first stages of a painting...which will come soon...

The initial sketch.

I love when things like this inspire me...and I act on it.