Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Showcase l

SInce this seems to be the easiest/fastest way to upload my art work I'll keep on plugging it in. I figured sooner or later someone will look at it other then my friends and family. And that someone may just need my services.

The illustrations that are posted here were five pieces I did for a show in Atlanta, GA in November 2006 at the Beep Beep Gallery. I really enjoy using collage for texture as elements in my paintings. However, with this series I only used paper collage in one piece and played with paint texture in the other four. If there isn't necessarily paint texture I tried to use pattern for the texture.

It was a group show with Melissa Cox and Valerie Taylor. We originally hoped to produce a zine for it but ran out of time before we could pull it off. Although I was ready with a story behind four of the pieces, it never came to be. I still think about it and wonder if I made my own zine with my characters if it wouldn't be a good marketing device??

Friday, May 25, 2007

live oakes

The final two pieces are finished for the Telemagica art festival this weekend. Below are the process of the "live oakes". I had big hopes for ten pieces but after evaluating the wall space provided, seven may even be too many. Let me know what you think of both series...I am sure you can tell which pieces I like better.
There is a lot of inspiration from this desert that surrounds me and I will continue painting different versions of it.
Please enjoy!

Here are the stages of the second set of paintings I am doing for the art festival this weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

California boulders part 2

Here are the last two pieces in my five part series. It took about a day each to paint. Now they are ready for the show.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

California boulders

These are three completed pieces I have worked on this week. I have two more in process and four other pieces that are entirely different. I'm keeping a journal of the collection. My deadline is this Friday the 25th, I hope to have ten pieces completed and hung for the art show I am in. I will keep posting until they are all finished.
I hope you enjoy them.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


This is a piece that I worked on today for an art show coming up in a week. I decided to photograph it in stages, after only having three I wish I had made two more stages. Also I will photograph them in better light...this is on my desk with a big window full of daylight coming in.
Most of my pieces have some kind of character in it...mostly people. About a year ago I worked for a company that I painted original art for and they sold it to the decor trade industry. I learned a lot about fine art and how to incorporate into my own style. I have decided to put my illustrator's edge on a fine art piece. The art show I am about to be invovled in is an art festival that is very spirital and in tune with the natural desert that surrounds it. This painting and the ones to come are inspired by the landscape of the high desert of east county San Diego. There are magnificent boulders that pile on each other in mad formations. Within all this desert sand and shrubs are dark green old oak trees, some clustered together and some standing solo.
These next few posts will be my journal of capturing the high desert through my eyes.
Thanks for stopping by to take a look.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

new beginnings

I have recently moved to southern California from the deep south... Atlanta. In this move is my journey to become a published (well published) illustrator. I have been looking at a lot of working illustrators and checking out their web sites. Mainly for two reasons: 1) I love looking at new art, especially fresh, new illustrators currently working in the field. 2) To see how they are setting up their web sites... so I can compete.

I have a web site which makes me proud because I designed it and it definitely has me written all over it. What I am not proud of, is that it has been the same, never-changing, web site for the last three years. It has the wrong phone number on it (old land line from Atlanta) and I never updated my bio. And needless to say I have not received one-single-job from it.

With that and looking at all the fresh illustrators or even ones that have been making a living out of it for over five years; their web sites are all up to speed and current with the trends. And of these trends it looks like blogging is very important to an artist's appeal.

So when all is said I have decided to jump feet first into the game of blogging.