Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dr. Sketchy poses

Here is my Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School story:

About two years ago, while doing one of my favorite art geeks things (checking out illustrators on Altpick.com), I came across Molly Crabapple. One of the links on her page was Dr Sketchy, so I clicked on it. I found out that Dr. Sketchy was an art session unlike most you would go to (a nude model or two doing standard poses at night for the general public to sketch). This one was held in the back of a bar in Williamburg, Brooklyn at night with burlesque dancers posing in costume. I thought that would be a great thing to start up in Atlanta. I had a space and was hoping that I could get the local roller girls, burlesque darlings and rock-n-roll boys to pose. However, I was a bit lazy and the space fell through. I kept getting the notices for the sessions in NYC so it was always in the back of my mind. Since moving, four months ago, to San Diego I have found out that someone finally did start up Dr. Sketchy's in ATL...good for them. But the best news for me is that someone was smart enough to start one here.

I participated in my first one, which happened also to be San Diego's first one as well, last Saturday night (after attending Comic-Con). It was held at Bluefoot Lounge in North Park and the next will be held there as well, on August 18th.

Here are some to of the better 5 minute sketches I did that night.

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janie said...

what a brilliant idea, and I love burlesque costumes, much more fun than the boring bored artist model.
cool sketches.