Monday, November 19, 2007

Flying Society of Sharks

My new San Diego friend, Brandon and I worked on this film for the last couple of weeks. It was a call for video artists to come up with a mocumentary of Artificial Anthropology. We found the flyer at T-Deli in Hillcrest and had until the 15th to make the entire film under 7 minutes. If chosen it will be played along with other films at the Bamboo Lounge in Hillcrest, SD Saturday, December 1st, 8pm.

Honestly, Brandon was the brains behind the project (he is a filmmaker). He came up with the script, the thought behind the rock wall/gardens and the society of flying sharks. He got the actors for the parts, filmed the entire piece, the music in it is his original score and he edited it as well.

I decided to make the sharks out of cut paper. The first idea in my head was simple and boring. However, I kept receiving every kind of catalog you can think of in the mail for the former tenants of my new house in North Park. So the sharks evolved from the pages of catalogs and fashion magazines...I hope you find their bling as beautiful as I do. I also painted the backgrounds and the shark castle, where Ms. Heloise meets with the shark council. I really wanted the Hanna Barbara repeating background effect and it worked nicely.

I hope you enjoy it, I personally find it truly hilarious and one of a kind, it makes me laugh every time.

Thanks for watching!


neilornstein said...

This is completely delightful!

Patrick said...

Wow. That was excellent. Especially the collage sharks. And the music really made it special.