Monday, April 21, 2008

pancho villa ~ BABY!!

I work at a restaurant/bar in Alpine, California which is a suburb of San Diego ~ about 25 miles east of downtown SD. This Spring we launched theme parties once a month on Saturday nights (starting off with Nicole's 80s hair-band birthday party and my pirate hooker birthday party).

May's theme party is a Pancho Villa Mustache party coinciding with Cinco de Mayo. Since I'm the artist of the group it is my duty to make the flyer. I did it all out of cut paper, white charcoal pencil and ink.


Lisa Ann Wilson said...

oooooooh....i like! i like! Awesome Doni. I think I want to go to this party!

Miss Bee said...

Ahh!!! Love it!! You knew that I would. Makes me miss you!