Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Present of Madonna

This quick sketch has turned into one of my favorite illustrations of 2008. I've been looking a 100s of published illustrators sites and blogs to see what they have that I need. I realize that I would love to have an illustration or many in Rolling Stone ~ so I have decided to embark on a celebrity painting quest. This is the first of a least 5/hopefully more. Then I can send the package around to potential reps.
Of course I started with Madonna because she is my all time favorite celebrity.


Vhrsti said...

Really nice works here! Fabulous blog!

minus five said...

dude, your stuff is looking great! i saw your named on pc's linkedin and then stalked your profile until i found your blog. i'm going to link you to mine right now.

oh yeah, and this is sarah coffman.
my blog/site is: minus-five.com

congrats on the move.

Miss Bee said...

Doni this is sooo nice. When I first got to your page today i blanked out and forgot what I was doing, then I looked up and there she was... and I was like.. wow.. that's cool-- where'd that come from? And then I blinked and saw that I was with YOU... and it was good. :)

steve said...

very well done--you have a great style going on here!