Thursday, September 25, 2008

IF: Clique

I love remembering that I have old pieces that fit IF's topic...especially when I wait to til the last minute to post it. These were done for a fashion show in Atlanta back in 2004. Done with cut paper, ink and pencil.


Leanne Hilgart said...

Hello Doni!
Gorgeous fashion piece... we'd love to see what you would do for our fashion artwork coat challenge. Site is, all details in "How It Works" then "Challenge Details"...

you can enter as many as you'd like, by 10/7!
We'd love to have you, Doni! Let me know!


Honor Bowden said...

Lovely. Cut paper rocks! :-)

Miss Bee said...

I don't know if I ever saw these in Atlanta-- but wow. I there is so much about them that I love. REALLY nice. (I love the bleed of yellow around the hair.. sighhh)