Monday, October 27, 2008

Book Beginnings

The other day I was in my friend's neighborhood and stumbled across the art store I vaguely remember seeing from the freeway about a million times. It took me back to the days I was in design school for the first time ~ loads of vellum and rapidograph pens. An art store is (me) as a kid in a candy store. The first isle I walked down I came across this blank sketchbook. Not only was it blank inside (like all good sketchbooks should be), it was also blank on the outside. A pretty white canvas for me to create the entire book myself. There are so many times that I have wanted decorate or redo, if-you-will, the cover of my sketchbooks but never really do. This one completely lent itself to creating the perfect personalized cover. Added bonus for me with this particular book was that it had very few pages...28 to be exact... because my problem always lies with never finishing a sketchbook. They are always big and thick like a novel to read or something. I put it down ~ forget about sketching or use other books, until another really great one I MUST HAVE comes along. It's a bad habit ~~ because how am I to publish my sketchbook memoirs ~~ if I never finish one.

I am truly hoping ~ with all the willpower I can muster ~ I finish this precious little journal. Thanks for stopping by, I'll post the progress.

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