Monday, August 27, 2007

Wife of a Rodeo Clown

"Alfred, why'd ya do it?"


These are two pieces I did in 2006 for a few different art shows. I began painting them for a show that fell through. I was later able to put them in a one night show at the "Five Spot" in Little 5 Points Atlanta. And then a week or so later at a one night show at "DooGallery" in Atlanta.

I painted them when I still worked at Deljou and had access to free canvas and paint. So I didn't hold back with texture and the amount of paint I used.

They are still a work in progress because in my mind there are four paintings in the series. Three of her upset and crying and the last of him the rodeo clown hurt or cheating on her. I still haven't fully conceived those last two. I hope to have them done before 2008...wish me luck!

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Miss Bee said...

I have always loved these paintings. You should stock up on oops paint and finish the series.