Monday, August 13, 2007

You write such pretty words

I am proud to say that I have finally been requested to publish a piece. My good friend David McNamara of 'Sunny Outside Publishing' has asked me to do a cover for a poetry clapbook by Jason Heroux. He was good enough to send me the one of the last edits of the poems and I just started sketches from all the poems. With the title in mind, I wanted to get the feel of the contents inside, as well.
These are quick doodles and excerts from some of the ones I did. I just so happened to have the five new colored pens in front of me when I went on my doodling rampage.

"not a lot happens here at once or everything switches off..."

"the poor grass kept growing like a sweater knitted by the dirt..."

"postcard from a parking lot..."

"it's the evening hour even though the streetlamps haven't turned on yet..."

"...talking about which colours to paint the rooms in our house it suddenly seemed we were really talking about the war."

"although it can't swim, the sea never drowns..."

The last piece is what I was going with for the cover. I would like to make it into a linocut. Print it either in one or two colors. However, over the last week I have been brewing another cover sketch. I will post that when I get it down on paper. I will also post the final piece.

Thanks again for stopping by...I would love to hear any and all feed back...please leave comments.

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