Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Pear Cover

This another idea I had been weighing and painting in my head. I finally got it onto paper today and sent a digital image off to my editor. He thinks it's "quite brilliant, actually" and that it goes really well with the typeface he has chosen. He would like me to extend it to the left so that is can wrap around the whole cover. Which means a repaint, but I can live with that now that I know it's a go.

The lino cut print was pretty but didn't really allow for title and such. However, it was a good exercise and got out some ideas I had been tooling around with. Although ~ I was able to incorporate a lino cut in this painting and that is the pear itself.



Miss Bee said...

OOoo-- I love this. I love the mood and feel and the waves... I FEEL the rolls... !! GREAT job Doni! I am so excited for you!

Gerald said...

Fantastic paintings on your blog. Hope you get to post the finalized illo along with the fonts. Congrats.