Friday, February 29, 2008

1969 ~ the band...Maya ~ the album cover

My wonderful friend Cinnamon ~ who is always looking out for me ~ turned me onto one of her friend's new band's album cover contest (boy that was a mouthful). And me always pushing time to it's limit just submitted it when the deadline is 5pm today ~ HOLY CRAP!! I am super excited about the piece as well as really nervous about being judged and actually having the painting chosen.

Open to anyone...there are about 220 submissions as of 1pm today. It was to have the title of the CD which is "Maya" and the band's name which is also suppose to be their logo "1969". If you are interested in viewing all the entries:



belovedmay said...

LLLovely. You're going to win.
I miss you. Call me.

Lisa Ann Wilson said...

love it, love it!

I bet it will win ;)

Corey Lee said...

Very nice design. It looks like a henna tattoo. I like how you incorporated the '1969' on the jeans too.

imwithsully said...

Hey, this is a great design! Keep your fingers crossed... I think it is good enough to win.