Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Little Monsters...made of ticky~tac

Beginning sketches for a childrens' book about monsters and crushes. A couple of weeks ago Karl Backus of Blue Horse & Trumpet Advertising, Public Relations & Design contacted me through my LinkedIn account. We are both alumni of Portfolio Center in Atlanta and he wanted to broaden his San Diego network. I had lunch with him and his wife Summer at their office. I had a great time there and talked with them for hours. At the end of the lunch Karl approached me with his wonderful book idea for kids. It's about monsters ~ which isn't a subject I draw a lot ~ and asked me to be the illustrator. I am honored and have decided to try to sketch one a day to get the right character for each of his monsters. Then he will have some characters and a look that he can take with him when shopping around for publishers.

As always I would love to hear some feedback.


Lisa Ann Wilson said...

I love them - they have a really cool, contemporary feet to them - remind me of tim burton-esque monsters...they're great.

what is ticky-tac? sounds like an interesting medium...

Lisa Ann Wilson said...

i meant feel...not feet. but their feet are cool too.