Tuesday, May 15, 2007

new beginnings

I have recently moved to southern California from the deep south... Atlanta. In this move is my journey to become a published (well published) illustrator. I have been looking at a lot of working illustrators and checking out their web sites. Mainly for two reasons: 1) I love looking at new art, especially fresh, new illustrators currently working in the field. 2) To see how they are setting up their web sites... so I can compete.

I have a web site which makes me proud because I designed it and it definitely has me written all over it. What I am not proud of, is that it has been the same, never-changing, web site for the last three years. It has the wrong phone number on it (old land line from Atlanta) and I never updated my bio. And needless to say I have not received one-single-job from it.

With that and looking at all the fresh illustrators or even ones that have been making a living out of it for over five years; their web sites are all up to speed and current with the trends. And of these trends it looks like blogging is very important to an artist's appeal.

So when all is said I have decided to jump feet first into the game of blogging.

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