Saturday, May 19, 2007


This is a piece that I worked on today for an art show coming up in a week. I decided to photograph it in stages, after only having three I wish I had made two more stages. Also I will photograph them in better light...this is on my desk with a big window full of daylight coming in.
Most of my pieces have some kind of character in it...mostly people. About a year ago I worked for a company that I painted original art for and they sold it to the decor trade industry. I learned a lot about fine art and how to incorporate into my own style. I have decided to put my illustrator's edge on a fine art piece. The art show I am about to be invovled in is an art festival that is very spirital and in tune with the natural desert that surrounds it. This painting and the ones to come are inspired by the landscape of the high desert of east county San Diego. There are magnificent boulders that pile on each other in mad formations. Within all this desert sand and shrubs are dark green old oak trees, some clustered together and some standing solo.
These next few posts will be my journal of capturing the high desert through my eyes.
Thanks for stopping by to take a look.

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