Sunday, May 27, 2007

Showcase l

SInce this seems to be the easiest/fastest way to upload my art work I'll keep on plugging it in. I figured sooner or later someone will look at it other then my friends and family. And that someone may just need my services.

The illustrations that are posted here were five pieces I did for a show in Atlanta, GA in November 2006 at the Beep Beep Gallery. I really enjoy using collage for texture as elements in my paintings. However, with this series I only used paper collage in one piece and played with paint texture in the other four. If there isn't necessarily paint texture I tried to use pattern for the texture.

It was a group show with Melissa Cox and Valerie Taylor. We originally hoped to produce a zine for it but ran out of time before we could pull it off. Although I was ready with a story behind four of the pieces, it never came to be. I still think about it and wonder if I made my own zine with my characters if it wouldn't be a good marketing device??

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